New Revelations from God to Bryan Foster

© Copyright 2016-2021 by Bryan W Foster

Included in the 'God Today' Series 2016-2022. A Series of 9 books, 7 published. Next Book 8 almost ready to print.

1. There is 1 God only for all religions, cultures, nations, people, etc.

2. Jesus and *Mahomad are both God Incarnate. (*Mahomad mostly spelt this way in Revelations from God.)

3. Living fauna and flora, including humans, all have a soul each. Soul = Life.

4. Love is the Meaning of Life: God's Love

5. Love is the Meaning of Life - (as a secular belief without God)

6. God gives us Images and signs to help with our beliefs (See Book 4 - details above)

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