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Book 9 of 10 in the 'God Today' Series, 2016-23. Massive God Revelations - Half Population Incarnated? 100s of Hints, Tips, Stories from God? 'Before Heaven: Hints Tips Stories', 2023 by Bryan Foster.

Book 9 – Before Heaven: Hints Tips Stories, Bryan Foster, 2023.

Only 1 God and 1 Religion forever. Now we are all in Transition times (see Book 9, p.38-9).

Author asked to be a prophet from God. Written differently on the 2016 Revelations. Was placed on bottom corner. ‘I am a prophet Prophets are true.' (See Book 9, p. 45ff and Book 10, p.39) All other 20 Revelations were written on lines on normal A4 lined paper.

Physical Evidence of God. 1. Author received 21+1 Revelations from God. 2. ‘Tears from God’ – A. and B. 3. Various natural signs through photographs, through God’s use of the sun, sun arrows, sun flares, sun rays. A moon rise, double rainbows and a giant suncross developed though six images in the sky above Texas, on the NSW/Qld border, one week after Easter in 2018.

Challenges at and after death. Humans, plants, animals and maybe inert creations – can and hopefully will, go to Heaven. God, is the primary bibliographical source for Series. Hell = Absolute evil and Total isolation forever! Who goes there?

Jesus and *Mahomad are both God Incarnate, in different eras and geographic locations.

So Massive. So Challenging. SO GOD. (If it is True?) This is a monstrous challenge for virtually most people worldwide, now and forever… Each second person is God Incarnate for another person. 1:1. i.e 4 billion people are God incarnated; another 4 billion people have their personal God Incarnate ‘partner’, whether they know this or not, care or not, etc. More details are needed from God about this major mystery, along with from the academics, theologians, scriptural scholars, and holy educated people, etc. The initial Inspiration for the author came from a most strange and very different source – a line being sung from Les Miserables, “God be my witness”, and responded to by the five member band in a most holy of ways, while performing as ‘Collabro’ on ‘BGT’ (Britain’s Got Talent) in 2014. Incidentally, this young male band won the 2014 BGT.

Beauty, God and Us. God. Angels. Feathers – an overview.


​Bryan Foster and Karen Foster


Great Developments Publishers


Aldrin Ave., Benowa. Queensland. Australia

The 10-book Series titled, ‘God Today’ Series, contains the following titles. Books are available all good internet bookstores, along with various shopfront bookshops, worldwide –

Book 1. One GOD for All, (2016) 

Book 2. Mt Warning GOD's Revelation: Photobook Companion to '', (2017)

Book 3. Where's GOD? Revelations Today, (2018)

Book 4. Where's GOD? Revelations Today Photobook Companion: GOD Signs (2nd ed) (2018).                           Images so genuinely UNIQUE and God-Given!

Book 5. Jesus and Mahomad are GOD (2020) 

Book 6. Love is the Meaning of Life: GOD'S Love (1st ed) (2021)

Book 7. Wisdom: GOD’s Hints and Tips (2021)

Book 8. (8A and B). Love is the Meaning of Life (1st ed) (2022) Book 8. Love is the Meaning of Life (for Secular People) (1st ed) (Book 8 is an edited version of the 2nd ed. i.e., Book 6, 2021, and includes an introduction to God’s Love for the non-believer and those with doubts. It includes an introduction to God’s Love for the non-believer and those with doubts.

Book 9. Before Heaven: Hints Tips Stories (2023)                                                                            

Book 10. Before Heaven: Hints Tips Stories (2nd ed) (2023)


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