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Book 10 of 10, in 'God Today' Series, Bryan Foster, 2016-23. 1. Half of World's Population is Probably God Incarnate. 2. One God and One Religion Only. 3.Transitioning Now. Author a Prophet from God?

Book 10. Before Heaven: Hints Tips Stories (2nd ed), Bryan Foster, 2023

Highlighted Book 10 Essential Topics.

Author and Truths. Original handwritten Revelations from God transcribed by the author. Beauty, God and Us and how it helps. God Beauty >> Human Beauty. Thank you, God, so Much!

Heaven Before and After Death. God, angels, birds and Heaven – That’s the Life. Heaven on Earth with God’s Love. Choosing Love or Evil Before and after Death. God so Absolutely Loves all humanity equally. Who will make it there and why? How did I get here as the author – from 3 considerable perspectives.

God and Author. Place God as #1 within our lives. No free tickets to Salvation. Physical evidence of God experienced by author. ‘Tears from God’. God is the primary bibliographical source. God’s Truth to us + evidence of the Truth – also from the Author. Revelations from God to Author in 1982, 2016, 2018, (2022/3?) This ‘God Today’ Series  is the unquestionable Truth from God for us all. Prophet from God – the author?

By the Numbers  -                                                                                                                                             21+1 Revelations from God to Author 1982, 2016, 2018.                                                                               2 Incarnations of God – Revelation 15, Jesus and Mahomad.                                                                      The 1st Publication worldwide of Rev. 15. Islam must celebrate Mahomad/Allah also being the one, true God for eternity. NO VIOLENCE as this is the Absolute Truth from God for all people and all religions.                                     10 Essential Challenges for Finding Our True God Today.                                                                                1vs2 Ethical Choices. A Selection of examples.                                                                                                    32 Stories Help Prepare Us in Various Ways to Go Home to God.                                                                          52 Answers for Themes and Overviews

Hell. For those Outrightly Rejecting Their Known God at Death.

Secularism is Rarely Fulfilling. UFO’s, Aliens, Intergalactic Life forms, Real? Author has viewed official photographs of UFOs; plus viewing a very brightly lit white UFO flying near commercial television antennas from a distance – its movement vertically upwards along with 180degrees sideways was exceptional. The speed of each of these movements was spectacular, as was its shooting off into the distance and very quickly disappearing when leaving the commercial tower, needed to be beholden for its legitimacy and from another reality!!!

God’s special gifts of science and technology will help us appreciate God’s creations, lifeforms and inert objects, and from this be able to develop what we need as the human race to better our future lives and generations.

God’s Incarnations today are considered further now, since its introduction in Book 9. It is firstly a major mystery from God. Considerably more detail is imagined to be a necessity. Having most likely received this concept from God, so that I may help disseminate as much as possible worldwide, will be a good start and one which I believe will grow with its own intensity over time. How much time? Unknown.

This should be transitioned today, along with the 1 God only, 1 religion only, 1:1 Incarnations today of half the world’s population. The author can happily agree with the 1 God only (See Book 1), and 1 Religion only for all time, for all people.


I am still working through the massive Mystery of the 4 Billion Incarnations today and the 4 Billion other half of the population forever, being cared for intimately by the Incarnated, yet still being known or unknown to each other non-Incarnated person. The highly religious, plus academic, scholarly theologians, and scriptural experts from all genuine religions, plus genuine, holy people of God, need to depth what is being espoused here. I would happily assist with my experiences and knowledge of Revelations and discerned Inspired Messages from God.

As well as the invitation to be a prophet of God. I personally believe I should be able to spread God’s Word without being acknowledged as a prophet. However, if I need to make known this prophet position as advised by God through being a known prophet, I certainly would do this.

(*Mahomad is spelled this way when God gave author the Revelations, except once only.)


​Bryan Foster and Karen Foster


Great Developments Publishers


Aldrin Ave., Benowa. Queensland. Australia

The 10-book Series titled, ‘God Today’ Series, contains the following titles. Books are available all good internet bookstores, along with various shopfront bookshops, worldwide –

Book 1. One GOD for All, (2016) 

Book 2. Mt Warning GOD's Revelation: Photobook Companion to '', (2017)

Book 3. Where's GOD? Revelations Today, (2018)

Book 4. Where's GOD? Revelations Today Photobook Companion: GOD Signs (2nd ed) (2018).                           Images so genuinely UNIQUE and God-Given!

Book 5. Jesus and Mahomad are GOD (2020) 

Book 6. Love is the Meaning of Life: GOD'S Love (1st ed) (2021)

Book 7. Wisdom: GOD’s Hints and Tips (2021)

Book 8. (8A and B). Love is the Meaning of Life (1st ed) (2022) Book 8. Love is the Meaning of Life (for Secular People) (1st ed) (Book 8 is an edited version of the 2nd ed. i.e., Book 6, 2021, and includes an introduction to God’s Love for the non-believer and those with doubts. It includes an introduction to God’s Love for the non-believer and those with doubts.

Book 9. Before Heaven: Hints Tips Stories (2023)                                                                            

Book 10. Before Heaven: Hints Tips Stories (2nd ed) (2023)


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