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Original Section from 2016 's Revelations to Author. 21+1 Revelations from God to Bryan Foster in 2016 and 2018, formed the Basis for the 10-Book 'God Today' Series.

Above is a scan of the original section by Author, Bryan Foster, of the first 15 Revelations from God in 2016. Revelations #9 and#10, plus the invitation to Bryan to be a prophet of God.

After receiving 15+1 Revelations from God in 2016 (15) and 1982 (1), Bryan was inspired by God's coming to him at 3am in May 2016, with the directions to write these Revelations down and to do so very accurately. He transcribed each Revelation as God had directed it to be.

In 2018, another set of 6 Revelations were given to Bryan Foster by God in November. These were also transcribed by Bryan and helped form the background information for the 10-Book Series, 'God Today' Series. The 10 books were completed by 2013.

The 21 Revelations which form the basis for the 10 books are following -

Revelations 1-15 sent to Author in 15 May, 2016 at 3am. Author told to write these down by God.

1.      Be Truthful

2.      Don’t be Greedy

3.      Love life – don’t take it

4.      Respect all

5.      Love one another as I have loved you

6.      Die for what is right

7.      Be educated for what is right and truthful

8.      Education is paramount for all

9.      We are One  

10.   One God Only One God

(I am a prophet Prophets are true)

11.   God’s messages to a world in need

12.   This world is in enormous need

13.   Cyber bullying – in all its forms of all sorts of all ages…

14.   Fear rules – often from the cyber world eliminate this

15.   Jesus is God. Brahma is God. Yahweh is God. Mahomad/Allah is God. Don’t doubt this. Mahomad/Allah is God. Jesus and Mahomad [is] God.


God’s Revelations # 16-21 sent to Author by God on 3 Nov., 2018 close to 3am.

  1. We need God

  2. We need to be vulnerable to God

  3. We need to continually be asking for God’s help and assistance & support – always. ‘No big heads’ – Just ask for help. Always.     

  4. We are insignificant compared to God.

  5. God is so so superior – face up to it. Believe it! Stop fighting it!

  6. Be meek & humble & real.

Copyright 2016-2024 Great Developments Publishers, Bryan Foster and Karen Foster.


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