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+ Photobook Companion


by Bryan Foster

' One God for All' challenges our appreciation of God.

Explore how this may assist in your own journey.

There is only 1 God of the universe - only one God for all people and all religions!

God's revelation & messages to the author follow a lifelong discovery of God.

Read personal Stories of Discovery and the Revelations & Messages received from God.



Bryan Foster


Simple. Clear. Coherent.
As revealed to author. For Today's World.

Companion photobook - 'Mt Warning: God's Revelation'.


Refocuses God’s place in a today's world. Society needs to appreciate that there is only 1 God and that God is central to our whole being and all worldly pursuits.

No one religion has a monopoly on God. All religions can be enhanced and be more successful once there is an appreciation of only 1 God.

Join author Bryan Foster on his life’s journey of discovering God and God’s messages. Experiences that occurred throughout our world.

His life was changed so significantly through an encounter with God on his 25th birthday that his faith has never faulted. It continues to grow.

Explore how this may help us all in our spiritual, faith and life journeys.

God loves us all equally.

Discover the ‘Tears from God’ that we can experience. See Science as God’s tool. Explore true beauty, humour and the wilderness - these are God’s gifts.

The sharing of God’s messages for today’s world, and the author’s many life stories from his 59 years, bring a challenging new found reality of God for us.

Religious scripture and commentary from Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism adds to this exploration.

The approach used keeps God’s messages simple, without diminishing the important meaning.


Available from Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, The Book Depository, Kindle, CreateSpace, Booktopia, Adlibris and from all other good internet bookstores.



Photobook Companion, 'Mt Warning: God's Revelation', now available from Blurb, Amazon and iTunes.

Written in an easy to read, everyday approach - be kept real!

Companion Photobook

Mt Warning God's Revelation: Photobook Companion to ''

Photographic and key stories of receiving God’s Revelation at Mt Warning, Australia. Spectacular photos journeying around its 72km base circuit and from on top. 



Sunrays shooting out from single cloud!!!



I know it may sound strange, but I actually believe that everything that I have lived, experienced, studied, reflected upon, suffered or loved and discerned has been leading me to this one publication! This is a huge step for me. I hope it is helpful for you in your searches...


I truly believe that God wants the messages needed for humanity to be simple and easily understood - Keep it Simple for God. That too often these messages from God get lost in academia or convoluted explanations. This book tries to make some very important, and often different or unexpected, messages easily understood for all people.



My inspiration comes form so many sources. Uppermost is from God through prayer, revelation and inspiration. Next is through those that I love and those that have impacted on me most significantly. These are so numerous but include: family and friends, sporting coaches, teachers, lecturers, significant priests and religious ladies and gentlemen of various religions and denominations, teaching colleagues and parishioners...

And often from people I don't even know who through that magic moment something just happens. Nature, especially the wilderness, various artistic people in music, dance and art, along with architectural buildings and designs and other wonders of nature or of people's creative forces... and the list goes on.


Bryan Foster
Great Developments Publishers
Gold Coast, Australia

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