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Heaven for People, Fauna, Flora and Inert God Creations

Before Heaven is a very important time for every living creation of God. For humans who are at the top of the life tree, the challenge is to grow closer and closer to God and God’s creations while living, so as to be in the best shape and situation when we die. God very much desires for every human to return to Him in Heaven. God also has a creator relationship with all other non-human living creations of His. Creations that were never alive, i.e., various inert creations, will also be welcomed in Heaven, as God’s creations. How this all occurs Before Heaven, at death and after death, we are yet to be informed about by God. God Gives and Requires us to also Give and/or receive His Absolute Love to all people, flora, fauna, and Inert creations from God.

Considerable points in Book 10, Before Heaven: Hints Tips Stories (2nd ed), have come from God to the author, as direct Revelations (R), at a specific moment over the past eight years. Or as discerned divinely Inspired Messages (IM) over decades from God. I have no doubt that other people worldwide are receiving similar information from God to share throughout our world.

God’s aim is believed to purposely present some unique teachings in simple, easily understood ways, as introduced in Book 1 in this ’God Today’ Series. Being neither longwinded nor too brief, but in a clear, non-complicated format, which presents God’s latest Revelations honestly and clearly to today’s people.

To support most people’s enjoyment of written stories, Book 10, Before Heaven Hints Tips Stories (2nd ed), contains 180+ mostly short stories, articles, book sections, photobooks, selected necessary quotes, etc., all from God’s Revelations and Informed Messages, along with my work, experience, research, and reflections, which I believe enhance and help support God’s place in our lives and our world. These Stories also contain many Hints and Tips for us all, to help in our journey to be with God in Heaven at our salvation moment after death.


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