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God's Revelations to Bryan Foster 2016, 2018

Bryan Foster received 21 Revelations from God, in the early morning around 3am, on two separate occasions - once in May, 2016 and another in November, 2018. He also received many Inspired Messages (IM) from God over decades. These formed the basis for the 10 book 'God Today' Series. (Written 2016-2023)

Book 4 - Spectacular images were also given by God to Bryan mostly in 2018-19. Basically, from the sun and including sun rays, sun flares, moon rays, a giant Easter sun cross (Book 4's cover image). UNIQUE Images!!!

Revelations and Discerned Inspired Messages from GOD to author and photographer, Bryan Foster.

A early image of the seven taken by author Bryan Foster, of this phenomenon just outside Texas on the NSW / Queensland border in 2018. This grew over the seven taken into a massive Easter sun cross. Very UNIQUE! Real! Spectacular.


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