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Bryan Foster - author of 'Jesus and Mahomad are God'

Book 5 in the 'GOD Today' Series (2016-2020/1)

Bryan Foster MEd (Religious Education) was a religious school and parish leader.

A retired religion teacher of 42 years is now a religious/spirituality non-fiction book author, publisher, photographer and videographer. Bryan taught 30 years of Study of Religion to senior school students.

He has been a primary/elementary school principal, twice, and an assistant principal for religious education in a secondary school.

He is married to Karen with three adult children and six grandchildren.

Religious education journal articles and school and church marketing books are published.

Interests include a YouTube channel for the ‘God Today’ Series plus a channel for caravaners/trailers (efozz1) with 780+ free caravanning and travel videos, along with photobooks for RVers.

Image - Bryan Foster with latest 'GOD Today' Series - Book 5


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