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Jesus and Mahomad* are God - Book 5 in 'GOD Today' Series

Bryan Foster is a recently retired religious school educator of 42 years, living on the Gold Coast, having taught 'Study of Religion' for 30 years to senior school students, as well as religious education to all levels from years 1 to 12. His last 28 years teaching were at Aquinas College. (Bryan also attended Aquinas as a student for years 5-12.)

He was a primary school principal at two schools, as well as a secondary Assistant Principal Religious Education at Aquinas.

mt warning nsw, copyright 2016 Bryan W Foster

The primary aim is to encourage and assist interested people to look for and find God in our world. To then work towards making God number 1 in their lives and to live their lives accordingly. The twenty-one Revelations from God are essential for us today.

Bryan's latest Book 5 from this Series, 'Jesus and Mahomad are God'', was released last week. (* The spelling of Mahomad is as received from God.)

"I realise this will probably seem quite strange or at least different, but I received a total of twenty-one Revelations from God in 2016 and 2018 after being awoken by God in the early morning hours,” said author, Bryan Foster.

Copyright 2020 Bryan W Foster

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