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Latest GOD Signs

Bryan Foster Revelations from God

After looking for the actual two pages I was asked to write down by God in May 2016, you wouldn’t believe it! My intention was to copy these pages so that I could publish each sometime in the near future.

The above five Revelations are the first 5 out of 15 given by God. Each of the 15 Revelations is explained in detail in the next book.

I had searched every cupboard, folder, notebook, bookcase, etc. in my office, to no avail.

Karen and I then went on our yearly caravan/trailer summer holiday to a beach-side caravan park a couple of hours from home.

When we arrived home after a couple of weeks, you wouldn’t believe it, but the actually lost book with these pages was lying open on the first page (back page of the actual notebook) of the Revelations on my chair in my office. This was a definite – “You’ve got to be kidding,” moment. To me there was no way I had left it there, nor did Karen – but it was, none-the-less.

We were speechless!

There is no other explanation than that God had put it there – Truthfully, a WOW moment!!!

These two pages of handwritten Revelations from God hold an extra-special meaning for us. It was out of love and with my full acceptance that these were written in the first place – after God’s invitation that one cool winter’s night camping near the foot of Mt Warning in the Murwillumbah Showgrounds. Decisions will need to be made further on this find as the Book Five nears its completion.

These Revelations are mostly what you would imagine God would send us today. There are a couple of very significantly different ones that haven’t been discussed before by various religions from my understanding. These two are discussed in detail in this Book Five out shortly.

© 2020 Copyright by Bryan W Foster

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