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Are All Humans, Fauna and Flora Soul-Filled and Pure at Birth and have an Eternal Choice to Make at

Sun Moon Clouds. DECISIONS.© Copyright 2019 Bryan W Foster

One of the greatest results of discernment of God’s reality and Life itself involves the soul/spirit of all leaving creatures and flora! Both these massive groups of life from both the fauna and flora fields are so soul-filled that we cannot argue against their existence. God is one with each living creature or plant, etc.

As I sit on my back veranda and observe all the flora and fauna in action, especially the birds of many species, along with the natural flora of my home country, I totally believe in God’s place amongst all these living flora and fauna! They literally stand out as life itself.

This is a very special reality. God is not only present in our existence and life, so many other levels of life also exist in ways often unknown to humanity; especially to those who aren’t open to God’s presence and place within both the animal and plant world!

All life-forms will be given the option to go to Heaven or Hell! Really! How would animals and plants decide?

Just as we have an extremely limited appreciation and understanding of God and God’s ways, what God can do, when God wants to, is God’s call – we have no power over God what-so-ever! So how do plants and animals decide at death of their choices for the afterlife, is unknown by humanity, yet this doesn’t change the reality of it. Yes, we don’t understand how this occurs, yet to say it is up to God.

This will be an individual and informed decision made by all lifeforms at whatever level of acceptance of God as possible they are able to make. Every living being or living fauna will be given those choices! No life-filled existence of the flora or fauna will be left ‘hanging’ for an answer from God.

The answer from God will go directly to the living organism. God will ask for the people’s, flora’s or fauna’s choice of where they would want to exist after death. If these life forms choose God, or the opposite of total loneliness in Hell, will be their unique decision made with God!

For those humans, animals or plants that say, ‘Yes’ to God and all God’s divine ways, there will be life with God and all those heavenly souls/spirits in perfect harmony with God in Heaven.

© Copyright 2019 Bryan W Foster

Extract from 'Love is the Meaning of Life: God’s Love'

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