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Following God Enriches Humanity

Byron Bay sun © Copyright 2019 Bryan W Foster

Why do so many of humanity believe, think, or in their own eyes ‘know’, that to follow God with any depth is going to take the fun and exhilaration out of life? How could these people be so far from correct?

The common feeling is that being a so-called a ‘goody goody’ gets you nowhere. Your life will be dull and boring with so many others having so much fun! Basically, there is a human demand to – ‘Get a Life’!

Surely people don’t think that life is fun when they hurt others, or themselves, through their desire to ‘have fun’, etc.

God’s way is enjoyable, rewarding, challenging, but ultimately REAL; don’t be fooled any other way.

Why do many think negatively about this? Why are they in denial of what is a deep, meaningful and rewarding lifestyle?

Look at any of God’s messages to us and see if this is so. Let us consider a couple of the Revelations in Where’s God? Revelations Today (2018).

1. Be Truthful. How can truth be considered negative? Isn’t telling the truth a primary belief to benefit us all? Who gains when the truth is not apparent? Obviously, not good people. So to be untruthful is bad. Someone is hiding something of the truth from other/s.

Why would a good person hide from the truth? It is to their benefit being truthful. The other untruthful people are harming others and themselves. For what? Their greedy selves!

2. Don’t be Greedy. How can anyone legitimately argue against this? Greed means someone ends up with more than needed, and often at the expense of others. When this goes to extraordinary amounts of greed, then many people are doing without. Often, without the necessities for a decent life.

Why do various people aim for this through their chosen lifestyle? These people are often arguing or believing that what they can get is good for themselves and others close to them - no matter how much more they can continually gain for themselves, their family and other associates.

Our lives become enriched by living God’s commandments and teachings. Especially through loving others in whatever form of love depending on the relationship. Why else would God give humanity so much guidance and support?

Following God can only make our lives more fulfilled and rewarding. With the enormous added bonus of heading correctly to salvation with God in Heaven at our death.

Based on details from Where’s God? Revelations Today (2018)

Text and Image - Copyright © 2019 Bryan Foster

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