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God and True Love (Intro)

What is true love? Where does it come from? How do we experience it? Is there absolute love? What is absolute love? Is God necessary for me to have true love? What about those who don’t believe in God?

God is absolute love – who loves us absolutely.

We are all exactly equal in the eyes of God. God loves each person at the same level. We have the Free Will to decide to be with God or not. 'Love is the Meaning of Life' and 'Love is the Meaning of Life: Photobook Companion' aim to assist the readers with their search for true love and God’s place within their lives. Their loving lives!

God adds that special depth of love, for true love to exist fully. Having that absolute support and guidance from God allows our love for others and their love for us, to be otherworldly - to be at an unexpected depth of engagement.

Love is the Meaning of Life is the fifth book in Bryan Foster’s ‘GOD Today’ Series. The previous books highlighted twelve Revelations and other numerous inspired messages God revealed to the author. The first book also highlighted twenty-six examples from the author’s life when God intervened with some inspired messages or directions to take. Love was an integral aspect of many of these stories...

Draft Extract from 'Love is the Meaning of Life' to be released later in 2019.

Curlew Image and above text © Copyright 2019 Bryan W Foster

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