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Revelations 15 to 20* highlight our place with God. Nothing is greater than God! More powerful! Loving! NEEDED!!!

Amity Point Stradbroke© Copyright 2019 Bryan W Foster

We need to accept that we are so limited without God. That we need to show our vulnerability to God. That we need to be meek, humble and real! That we need to seek God's help continuously - a true sign of our strength; it is not weakness.

15 We need God

16 We need to be vulnerable to God

17 We need to continually be asking

for God’s help and assistance

& support – always.

‘No big heads’ – Just ask for help.


18 We are insignificant compared to God.

19 God is so so superior – face up to it

Believe it! Stop fighting it!

20 Be meek & humble & real

* Revelations received by the author at Mt Warning on 3 November, 2018.

(Text and image © Copyright 2019 Bryan W Foster)

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