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'Straddie' North Stradbroke Island -Photobook

'Straddie' North Stradbroke Island - Photobook

'Straddie' is the name most people know North Stradbroke Island as. Minjerribah is its indigenous name.

This most beautiful and natural island is about 50% national park, jointly administered by the local Quandamooka people, 'people of the sand and water'.

Easy access is by barge or ferry from Cleveland. Regular services are offered.

People are well supported through local services: food, holiday accommodation, health support, surf lifesavers and various clubs and much more.

This is a collection of images taken over four years when visiting 'Straddie'.

Author and photographer, Bryan Foster, regularly returns to the land on which he was 'born' in the 1950s. His wife and family so much enjoy all that Straddie offers.

Bryan’s latest photobook published in 2019 is now available at Amazon, Blurb and soon at Apple. All forms available - paperback, hardcover, and ebook.

See Blurb for a full free preview.

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