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Mt Warning a Spiritual Invitation

I write this from Mt Warning. Having camped here at Mt Warning Rainforest Park for three days, I would like to share some thoughts about this mighty, spiritual rock and its impact on many. Karen, my wife, grew up next door on her family’s banana farm, with Mt Warning as her regular backdrop. Coincidentally and for spiritual reasons, it is also now my rock, my backdrop, my divine life inspiration - a conduit to God. We so much enjoy our trips back here.

So many others share the view that there is something very special about Mt Warning. Something very spiritual. Many of my family, friends and colleagues have climbed it or driven around it and find themselves wrapped in this special place and its godliness. And no doubt many of my readers and followers also do. A friend was recently married close by, with Mt Warning as the central backdrop - for spiritual reasons. And this is not just a feeling religious/spiritual people sense.

My challenge is for people to be open to God’s invitations, which take many forms. I have been exceptionally fortunate to have searched for God, kind of found and also kind of lost God, and eventually found God – forever, hopefully.

God’s Revelations were received here in May 2016. I very much need to share these with others. I need to hear other people’s stories and to help in whatever way I can with their searching for the Truth and eventual finding of God; just as various people have done for me and are doing similarly for others. Many have this intrinsic calling to share this incredible discovery. Once God is found, our lives change so significantly for the best.

Could Mt Warning have a similar place in your search for God and meaning?

Copyright © Bryan Foster 2018

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