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Life’s Not Fair – Where’s God?

Why does God do unfairness to people? Or why does God allow this?

God doesn’t do unfairness to people. People choose to do this to each other out of their God-given Free Will. If people were excessively honest, they would accept that in general, they are greedy, placing themselves first and others down the line. Most wouldn’t see it this way and would probably argue against it. Why? It’s easier to deny than accept.

Here’s the big question. When was the last time you split your assets equally with others so that each person could live a fair and just existence?

God must allow all our choices to occur because we have been given absolute freedom out of God’s absolute love for us to choose God’s way or the other way. Because God loves us absolutely, we have to have absolute freedom to choose from God. We have been given the rules and guidelines on how to live successful, rewarding lives for all. We all know what needs to be done, but how many do the hard stuff? The tough sharing, caring, equalising stuff? The real, life-saving, empathetic, loving necessities all people need to do and accept.

No, life’s not fair anywhere!

Greed rules. Privilege rules. Power and Money talk!

The most disappointing reality to all of this is that there are enough resources worldwide for all people to live realistic, comfortable lives EVERYWHERE. But all people have to share their excesses. Excesses being resources beyond the necessities. All people need to be TRULY generous and loving and empathetic.

Unfortunately, we all know this will probably never happen due to the nature of people, nationalism, greed and generally speaking a real dislike by the haves with helping the huge majority of others. But I am forever hopeful.

Can it start? Yes. Can it happen to a degree? Yes. It’s up to each one of us to do our own thing to help, financially, politically, socially, etc. Give it a go! You won’t know how good it is until you are a part of what should be a massive movement – eventually!

God loves all people equally and needs us to do likewise. To give everyone a fair go. So that life can be fair!

Overall, life is fair in the sense that our lives are God-given for us to do as we find possible and desirable. To do to others and the whole of creation, as we find possible and desirable. The fairness begins with each of us from the moment of life. Life is fair in God’s eyes as we are created equal and placed in this world.

It is from this creative point onwards that the fairness begins to disappear, mainly due to humanity's choices. Sometimes it could be due to the fate of natural events beyond our control. Part of the mystery of God and what God places before each of us.

(Draft extract from my upcoming book, God’s Revelations Today.)

Image and text © Copyright 2018 Bryan W Foster

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