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Response to thriller novel, 'No Man's Land', by Roland Fishman.

Lennox Heads, Mullumbimby, Boggabilla - and God

A unique encounter with God through the last sentence of a thriller novel I completed this afternoon just occurred. This final scene just so happened to be set on New Year’s Eve.

Having not read a novel for a few years, I was drawn to this novel by Karen, who swapped for it, while camping at Suffolk Park these holidays. She thoroughly enjoyed it and strongly encouraged me to read it.

It was destined to be. Starting and concluding in the surf at Lennox. Its conclusion, as well as a key event in the story, revolved around huge waves - both the brilliance of catching a huge wave’s barrel, as well the almost drowning when held under by massive water forces. I have been very fortunate to have experienced these myself. Each has been lifechanging! The storyline moves to both Mullum and Bogga next. An international destination, along with an Australian state capital, follow.

The book contained some key spirituality points, nothing more so than the last line.

“For some reason unknown to him, a reason that had nothing to do with Islam, Christianity or any other religion he… whispered, ‘Allah Akbar [God is the greatest].’

To me once again, this pointed to the existence of only 1 God for all people - ever! And in a novel.

As I read the last sentence, the Tears from God flowed!

Once again God was telling me, in a different genre yet again, that there is only 1 God for the whole universe. There was only one God – ever! And that there is no one religion – all genuine religions have a key role in getting the message of God to their people. Ideally, there is only a need for one, true religion. When all genuine religions combine as 1!

© Copyright New Year’s Eve 2017 Bryan W Foster

Quote and Image: Roland Fishman, 2014, No Man’s Land, Rising Tide Books, Sydney – quote page 367.

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