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We are all Absolutely Equal

I know this is rejected by many. Because, if it is true, the ramifications are huge!

Ever wonder why so my many say – “Oh, I could never go camping/caravanning/RVing… I’m a 5-star person…’? Because it is in these outdoor environments that so much becomes apparent.

As I sit here waiting for my BBQ to cook at the showgrounds in Canungra, just outside the GC – so much becomes very apparent – once again. This is a very common realisation now!

I sit here tonight after my dad’s team Richmond won the AFL grand final, their first in decades and something he will never know due to his dementia, observing those around me. Next to me are two ladies, one whose husband went to the game in Melbourne today and her mother. The younger has a beautiful Mercedes car parked outside her mum’s new caravan. Across the way are two ladies and a dog. One had a male who assisted; the other came on her own. Each is in her own caravan, one is small and quite old, the other is large and new. Next door are three families in old vans and tents. The backpackers are in their campervan two up from us...

Amongst all these obvious differences, there is a palpable realisation that we are all equal.

A beautifully balanced noise of discussion and enjoyment of life is happening all around me. There are many more people than the described. Numerous children are on their last weekend before term resumes next week.

Let us all stop the pretence that we are better than anyone else.

Stop the pretence that because I have worked so hard, and maybe taken so many risks, and succeeded that I deserved all my gains and others don’t. That I am successful and they aren’t! There are many with this same story who have lost everything. Are they failures? No.

Most others have also worked extremely hard, taken risks, etc., but not fallen as well on their feet as the privileged (often very ‘lucky’) few. This doesn’t make them any less ‘successful’. If people were honest, they would have to accept that there is so much ‘luck/fortune’ in people’s successes. Or they have been born into wealth, nothing to do with their skills, etc. It is so much easier to start life with money than no money! Who would disagree?

Stop pretending that I am better than someone else!

Oh yes, this does invoke numerous rather challenging outcomes. Yes, we may need to re-evaluate where we stand on this equality issue. It will challenge us to become a better human being! Yes, we will have to give more to others… No not just your family or good friends or professional colleagues, partners, etc.!

Unfortunately, this is often a far too great of a challenge for many of those with much. This group believe they have ‘earned’ it all and don’t need to share. Rubbish! Rubbish says God in various scriptural sources and religious traditions!

We are all exactly and positively equal before God and therefore absolutely equal as people living with one another!

© Copyright 2017 Bryan W Foster Image Canungra © Copyright 2017 Bryan W Foster

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