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Humans feel the same inherently – until…!

The billionaire president of a first world country, the poor in third world countries, the sick person in hospital, the dying, the beautiful model on a Vogue cover, the Olympic champion, our neighbour, our parent, our spouse/partner, all feel the same inherently as each other.

All desire the best possible. All feel as human as each other. Everyone on this Earth feels the same intrinsically!

We all want LOVE. Happiness. Necessities. Good education. Good health. Good occupations and careers. Success. Security. Freedom. Justice. Forgiveness. Etc.

It doesn’t matter what we look like, our wealth, our career paths, our family, our religion, our culture, etc. we all have the same inherent human appreciation of who we are as a person.

That is until so many unforgiving forces tell us differently - along comes the ‘real’ world!

Various things change for everyone. We suddenly get affected by so many destructive views that we lose our true appreciation of who we really are. We may no longer appreciate much about our true selves.

The media are echoing or creating so much societal negativity, the ‘screaming’ consumeristic devotees, along with the inherent doubt and vulnerability of the human entity, are the worst instigators changing our self-perception and hence how we feel about ourselves on any given day.

Over time and with wisdom and experience, and heaps of decent people, friends and family, we hopefully once again discover our true selves.

God wants each of us to feel and be true: loving, healthy, beautiful, appreciated, successful individuals, no matter our varying cultures, religions and circumstances.

© Copyright 2017 Bryan W Foster

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