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Free Will - Gift from an Absolutely Loving God

If we are to assume that the concept of an absolutely loving God exists, then it follows that God would give creation the Free Will needed to express human love for and with God and the creative world.

This absolute Free Will, in turn, allows humanity to make decisions for or against God.

We decide individually, and collectively through our various systems and communities, how this world operates, who gains and loses, who and what is valued, and the future direction of people, cultures and countries, etc.

Our societies decide who will get fed, who will live in relative peace, who will be educated and looked after through quality health and welfare schemes.

Individuals and societies also decide who won’t!!!

People need to take responsibility for their personal and communal actions, as everything they do impacts on themselves and/or others. Free Will dictates this


The one God of the universe loves all of creation so much, that no harm is desired on any created entity.

(Extract from 'Free Will', Part 3 in '' book.)


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