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The Unwanted God Expert

Why do so many people believe that with a few ‘search’ clicks on Google or a couple of shared posts on Facebook, or a quick Wiki read, that they are suddenly experts on God? Gathering from comments I have been receiving through various Facebook groups, it is becoming clearer that people with little or no background in religion or God, suddenly feel entitled to offer the most outrageous views on God and God’s teachings - as FACT. Or even use this to try and 'prove' God doesn't exist. Of course, everyone is entitled to their viewpoint. Yet, this doesn’t make it the truth from God. To espouse these personal, uninformed beliefs as the truth is akin to denying some strong scientific belief because you want to… eg. the climate change deniers won’t accept the very strong evidence of this widely accepted scientific belief and offer the alternative view as the fact. (We also cannot deny the variety and levels of various truths. Another discussion point.) I accept that one of the premises of ' One God for All' book is to keep God’s messages expressed in simple to understand language so that these can be lived out in a way applicable to all people. However, through appreciating this simplicity, it is not to be taken that everyone’s views are correct and can be thrown around as the truth. There is only one absolute Truth and that is from God. We have no right to interpret it as we please. If this was the case, then there is no absolute truth, apart from whatever you want it to be! Through a combination of revelation, inspiration and an education in God and religion, there are correct ways to understand and appreciate God’s teachings for us all. All forms of religious scripture need the necessary skills and wisdom applied to gain the truth. It is from these findings informed people that the messages from God must be told in clear and concise ways, and as simply as possible, without losing any of the context or content. It is the duty of the correctly informed, once at peace with their knowledge and appreciation of God’s messages, to impart this to the population. Beware the uniformed, ill-advised, often strong characters who force their untruths upon the world. Be even more aware of the evil ones trying very hard not only to do mischief but much worse, trying to corrupt the truth. Maybe it is time for those who believe otherwise with little background understanding, or who are searching for a yet to be found God, to search in the right quarters, become far better informed, and accept that a certain depth of education is necessary for appreciating anything of substance, particularly when about the ultimate, God. ©2016-2017 GREAT DEVELOPMENTS PUBLISHERS Written by Bryan Foster, author, ' One God for All'.

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