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Book Reviews for ' One God for All'


Book Review by Dr Jim Rourke, Canada









[Your book] was wonderful to read. It had a positive sharing inspiring (rather than preachy commanding) tone. The vignettes of your vital religious journey and experiences drew me into the book and felt that it provided a meaningful personal basis for the philosophy you have developed. The way that you have described the concept of one God for all, and the potential for religions to work together for common good is very appealing. I hope this can become true, but unfortunately there are those who use religion for evil rather than good. That makes it so important for those of us that seek to do good to share and work together. If the more people follow what you set out in your book, the world will be a better place.
Well done Bryan!


(James Rourke MD, CCFP(EM), MClinSc, FCFP, FRRMS, FCAHS, LLD)



Book Review by Russell Lenehan









My thoughts on

Sometimes in life, it is essential to be reminded of what we already know deep down inside. Often the complexities and stresses of modern life have set aside our first innocent views of life.

Unfortunately, we are also constantly told what to think and believe. 

Bryans book, " " takes me back to my childhood, when I did not ask about colour of skin, or how much money you had, or your politics or beliefs.

Instead, I asked " Do you want to play? " 

At an early age, we recognise one another as all members of our common humanity with no divisions. As we grow and learn, we begin to discern and then choose, developing an identity and a path for ourselves.

Bryan's personal stories beautifully illustrate how his experiences have shaped his identity and beliefs. 

Bryan has identified our common and shared spiritual heritage. To equate God and love in such a strong and unifying way is ultimately liberating. 

Different faiths, but one love!

This led me to look at Paul’s very well-known verse on love in a different way.
"But now faith, hope, and love remain--these three. The greatest of these is love. "
So, love is greater than faith!!

This book made me think. It led me to look again at how I perceived God and my own journey in life.
I can make no higher recommendation.


(Russell Lenehan, Financial Information Service Officer, Centrelink.)



Book Review / Testimonial by Stephen Jorgensen (Curriculum Leader Religious Education)









As a teaching professional for 47 years with 31 years experience of teaching Religious Education in both New Zealand and Australia, it gives me great pleasure to recommend the theology of Bryan Foster in his latest book on God in our world, God in our daily lived experience of the here and now.


As a practitioner, Bryan brings enthusiasm, pragmatism and sincerity to his mission of communicating the dimensions of God's connection with God's creation. His energy for exploring new ways of exposing fellow pilgrims to God's loving grace has been a feature of Bryan's ministry as he has been a tireless leader in curricular initiatives, retreat experiences for both teachers and students as well as Leader in the Gold Coast Parish and Brisbane Diocese.


His reflections derive from connection to and experience of the sacred which has provoked transformation in his personal life and relationships. 


I have no hesitation in recommending Bryan's meditations on God's living presence in our world.


(Steve Jorgensen MEd Leadership, BEd Hons, Tchg Diploma, Curriculum Leader, Religious Education, Lourdes Hill College, Brisbane.)



Book Review by Alice Williams (nee Mabbitt) (Senior School Religion Teacher)








Bryan Foster’s book provides a unique and honest glimpse into the life and spiritual journeys of a dedicated Christian, teacher and father.

It offers insight into great mysteries about the nature and reality of God, as well as providing personal revelation about these mysteries.

For anyone seeking truth and to add to their own perspective on spirituality this book is well worth the read.

(Alice Williams BTheol, BA, Grad Cert RE, Grad Dip Sec Ed, teacher of 'Religious Education' and 'Study of Religion' at St Mary's, Ipswich, Australia.)


Book Review / Testimonial by Bernadette Roche (former Assistant Principal Religious Education)








Congratulations on your wonderful publication and website, Bryan.

I have known you for 40 years since Teachers' College at McAuley (now ACU), have worked closely with you at Leadership level as an APRE and have had the pleasure of teaching Study of Religion with to Year 11 and Year12 students.

One thing has never changed in all those years, Bryan...your commitment to your beliefs and your special, perceptive and inspiring brand of spirituality that has always been open to God's presence in your life. You have touched many people's lives (young and older !) with your insights and credibility.

May your website be the place for many enriching and thought provoking discussions. May those who post on your site seek to make like-minded , value added contributions to the discussions so that we all may grow in the loving presence of 1 God.

(Bernadette Roche MA Lead, BEd, DipT, Grad Dip RE, Cert4 CMC, JP Qual, former Assistant Principal Religious Education at Marymount College, Gold Coast. Presently a Senior Teacher of Study of Religion.)



Book Review by David Bailey (Engineer)









Just finished reading your book Bryan Foster. I admire how much you are intertwined with your spiritual self. I guess everyone has their own journey to make on the road to spiritual discovery and awakening. I enjoyed reading about your particular journey and some of the common threads and messages that others can take from it.

Your message about modern medicine and how we are prolonging life to well past our life spans brings me personal strength, particularly at a time when my wife's grandmother is in high care at a nursing home, and seeing my wife's family go through the process of this situation.

(David Bailey BEngin (Elec), Grad Dip Ed, Engineer, Head of Science at Aquinas College, Gold Coast.)


Book Review by Mark Craig (Assistant Principal Religious Education) Cornubia

This is a very worthwhile book for the one seeking the support of another's experience to affirm their belief in God. While the world seems irrevocably divided along doctrinal and ideological lines, Foster shows how this is so unnecessary when it comes down to what is most fundamental. There is one source, one ultimate reality behind the term God and what it endeavours to connote and denote. Consequently, this book is most comforting and reassuring for the one confused by a pluralistic world whereby multiple belief systems, sometimes contradictory, abound. At the end of the day it is experience which either confirms or challenges a belief in God. This book provides some rich insight into the experience of one person whom many will be able to relate to and whose words they will find encouraging in an age of religious scepticism and spiritual nihilism.

(Mark Craig, Amazon Customer, Review)

Book Review by another Amazon Customer

This is a very accessible read for the one interested in deepening a sense of the sacred. It has a simple and straightforward objective - to uncover the God experience in the everyday. I recommend it to the one requiring the authority of another's lived and reflected upon encounter with the spiritual dimension. An edifying read.



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