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Where's God? Revelations Today

For immediate release 18 November 2018

Where’s God? Revelations Today Photobook Companion: GOD Signs the controversial new photobook by Gold Coast author Bryan Foster will be released next Sunday on Bryan and Karen’s 40th wedding anniversary.


The photobook showcases numerous very different yet real signs from God. It is the fourth book in the ‘GOD Today’ Series.


Signs God sent the author to inspire and strengthen his resolve to publish 12 Revelations received directly from God in 2016. No simple request as explained by the author.


This book completes the recently released text, Where’s God? Revelations Today. Both books list the 12 Revelations, while this third book in the author’s ‘GOD Today’ Series, adds the detail.


“Where’s God? Revelations Today, details each Revelation and explores who and where God is today and how we can all benefit through our individual spiritual journeys,” said Bryan Foster.


“Where’s God? Revelations Today Photobook Companion: GOD Signs shows various photographic examples of the signs sent by God through nature or inventions using God’s gift of science.”


Each image on its own may not shout out ‘GOD sign’ for all people. But put the collection together, and another reality becomes more apparent.


Images include sun arrows going across the author at various locations including Mt Warning; sunrays emanating outward of a cloud sitting atop Mt Warning; a double rainbow at North Stradbroke Island and an Easter cross formed by the sun at Texas on the Qld/NSW border at Easter time. Most images occurred this year.


“The 48p photobook contains mostly these images, plus explanations of how these came about and how these fit into the big picture of appreciating God in today’s world.”


Yet, with all this, a couple of important appreciations of how God works are essential. Firstly God never compels anyone to believe; there must always be free will to make a personal decision. Secondly, we can not put God to the test.

 “Where’s God? Revelations Today Photobook Companion: GOD Signs concludes with some spectacular sunrises and sunsets from both Australia and Canada.”


Also being released next Sunday is the ebook edition of the recently published Where’s God? Revelations Today. The text will be available as a paperback, hardcover, ebook and large print paperback.


Where’s God? Revelations Today Photobook Companion: GOD Signs will be available as a hardcover.


To complement the Series, a collection of videos is added by the author explaining many of the claims and content from both these books, will also be released next Sunday. The ‘GOD Today’ Video Series was recorded at or around Mt Warning in the northern rivers of NSW. Each video is less than 2 minutes and highlights a particular point found in one or both of the books.





Bryan Foster


Great Developments Publishers

Gold Coast Qld




The same place as for every other day, actually! But where are we?


This year a new book answers the question of ‘Where’s God?’ - released on Halloween.


Does the book add any significant light on Halloween itself?


"Yes, when linking this original pagan celebration to today’s challenges created by an ever-growing secular world. Paganism and its witches, demons and evil spirits, were or are still believed to roam this world, literally or figuratively," said author, Bryan Foster.


"Even if not literally so, much evil does exist and is becoming more attractive for many."


Often this is not sort after explicitly by the person but becomes the case subtlely through their lifestyle choices where they become the centre of their universe and the physical spoils of this earth become their strongest desire.


"This is resulting from consumerism and materialism, springing forth and becoming so appealing that God and God’s teachings start to disappear for these people."


This continues until they are totally consumed by this physical world and ignore God’s world.


"They often believe that they have all the answers and that God is unimportant or doesn’t exist - hence justifying their beliefs and actions."


Where’s God? Revelations Today by Gold Coast author and teacher, Bryan Foster, challenges us to see God in the goodness of this world, of each other, in our natural surroundings and surprisingly in the business of our lives. He asks us to explore who and where God is for each of us in today’s world.


"We are all absolutely equal in God's eyes."


"I received Revelations from God while at the foot of Mt Warning. Is Mt Warning’s  name just coincidental to our exploration or more serious? Has God sent warnings critical to our existence and salvation? YES!"


Where’s God? Revelations Today is the third book in the ‘GOD Today’ Series – Out Halloween from all good internet bookstores.


Next month its photobook companion, Where’s God? Revelations Today: Photobook Companion will be released on the author’s 40th wedding anniversary on November 25.

If I you would like further details of the series or copies of the books etc., please advise.


Bryan Foster

Author/Director at Great Developments Publishers

For Immediate Release: 25 October 2018

Where's God? Revelations Today

Halloween 2018 - Release date for new book by Gold Coast teacher and author, Bryan Foster.


'Where's God? Revelations Today', is a 270p book, which answers the question proposed in the book's title.


God revealed Himself to the author in 2016.


"While I was at the foot of Mt Warning, in the Northern Rivers of NSW, God revealed 14 Revelations to me," said Bryan Foster, author.


"6 other Inspired Messages were also revealed that previous afternoon."


"God spoke through my mind's eye – similarly to how people experience God when in deep prayer and meditation."


The Revelations were recorded in writing exactly as received from God. The first 12 Revelations are detailed and explained in this book out on 31 October 2018.


"I also explain why these are believed to be the Truth from God."


More information about the series, the books and other publications and a bio of Bryan Foster can be found on the following websites:  


If I you would like further details of the series or copies of the books etc., please advise.



Bryan Foster

Author/Director at Great Developments Publishers


For Immediate Release: 17 October 2018

God's Revelations to Gold Coast Teacher

Bryan Foster is a Catholic school educator of 40 years living on the Gold Coast, having taught 'Study of Religion' for 30 years to senior school students, as well as religious education to all levels from years 1 to 12.


Bryan's latest religious book from the 'GOD Today' Series, 'Where's God? Revelations Today', is to be released in two weeks on 31 October, Halloween.


"I realise this will seem ridiculous, or at least quite strange or different, but I truthfully received fourteen Revelations from God in 2016," said author, Bryan Foster


His first books in the 'GOD Today' Series were ' One God for All' published in 2016 and its companion, 'Mt Warning God's Revelations: Photobook Companion to' published in 2017.


"This first book's theme was one of these fourteen Revelations, i.e. that there is only one God for all people ever."


The latest book also has a companion, 'Where's God? Revelations Today: Photobook Companion' being published on 25 November 2018 - on his and Karen's 40th wedding anniversary. It contains some unique photographic images formed from the sun's rays.


"These include sun arrows across me while standing at the foot of Mt Warning and other sites, a large Easter sun cross in the sky outside Texas on the NSW/Qld border and sun rays shooting outwards from a small cloud sitting atop Mt Warning. Mostly these were taken this year."


The Revelations were received in a caravan one early, cold, winter's morning while caravan camping at the foot of Mt Warning in the Murwillumbah Showgrounds. Bryan and Karen were married in the Sacred Heart Catholic Church next to the showgrounds.


This latest book covers in detail 12 Revelations and some Inspired Messages from God.


"It explains why I believe these to be the Truth, including how the signs and coincidences from God have inspired me to write this series. It aims to assist the reader with their search for God and meaning in their lives."


Three more books will be released over the next three years as part of the series. More details are available on the GodTodaySeries website.


The book is currently available from the author directly as a pdf or allowing a few days for mail as a paperback, or for pre-orders from Amazon, etc.


More information about the series, the books and other publications and a bio of Bryan Foster can be found on the following websites:  


If I you would like further details of the series or copies of the books etc., please advise.



Bryan Foster

Author/Director at Great Developments Publishers


'GOD Today' Series