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Book 5 Cover.jpg



for immediate release

        Jesus and Mahomad* are GOD                - Out Tuesday

Book 5 in the 'God Today' Series by retired Gold Coast religion teacher of    42 years, Bryan Foster, is released tomorrow.

Jesus and Mahomad are God brings together the final of the 21 Revelations from God to the author in May, 2016, and November, 2018. The private Revelations were in the early morning, when he was awoken in his caravan, on the plains of Mt Warning, NSW, Australia.

Religious Leaders, theologians, scriptural scholars, etc., especially from Islam and Christianity, but also from interested other genuine religions, are called by God to analyse and discern the significance of such Revelations. Then to promulgate the messages for us in a clear, concise fashion.

When read in conjunction with Book 4, a photobook with many GOD Signs, including sun arrows, a huge sun cross, sun flares, double rainbows, etc. received at the foot of Mt Warning, usually the reader cannot help but be inspired.

(* The spelling of 'Mahomad' is as presented by God.)

Book 4 is Where's God? Revelations Today Photobook Companion: GOD'S Signs

More details on author's two websites:

Permission granted by Bryan Foster, author and director


Palm Beach Moonrise

Book 5 Cover.jpg
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