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Do the Devil, Evil & Hell exist?

Following God Enriches Humanity


Where's God?

'GOD Today' Series - God's Given - Timeline and Themes

Bryan and Karen's 20 Books' Catalogue

Wellness and God

Do You Believe in Angels?


Latest Signs from God from Mt Warning on 28/05/19

God's 15 Revelations Received 3 Years Ago This Week

The Journey to the Unpublished Revelation #15

God's Revelations for Everyone! Overview.

Revelations and Inspired Messages from God

Review of 'Where's God? Revelations Today'

Saudi Arabia - My Visit

Love is the Meaning of Life: God's Love


Why do we want to LIVE a FULL LIFE so Strongly?

Unique and Amazing Easter Sun Crosses

'Tears from God' before Retirement

Bushland Spirituality - Straddie, North Stradbroke Island


Last Period Friday - 10RE - Tears from God before Semi-retirement

What's Love?

HOPE Urgently Needed for First Peoples (Aborigines)

Introduction to 'Where's God? Revelations Today'

'GOD Today' Series

God and True Love (Intro)

Bryan Foster's Latest 5 Books


God's Choices for us


BF's 20 Book Collection


What will stop the unification of all genuine religions?

Unifying all Religions as 1

1God, 1 People, 1 World Religion

Straddie North Stradbroke Island - Photobook

How to Pray to God? A 'Perfect' example!

Love the Outdoors Energisation

'GOD Today' Series, 2016-2021


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