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Bryan Foster's Websites

Music of the Plants

Christmas - Time to Bring the World Back to God's Love

GOD Signs and Coincidences from God

'GOD Today' Series, 2016-2021

Christmas - CHRIST MASS Again!

'GOD Today' Video Series

'Life is NOT a journey!' I was told?!? Pardon???


New God Today Video Series Starts Sunday

Where's God? Revelations Today Photobook Companion: GOD Signs

Challenging God - Photobook Companion Out 25 November

Large Print 'GOD Today' Series - Editions Available


Where's God? Revelations Today Released Today

Where's God on Halloween?

Where's God? Revelations Today - Out Halloween

12 Days Until Release - Where's God? Revelations Today


Authentic People Need God

Where's God? Revelations Today


Cover Decision for - 'Where's God? Revelations Today'

'Where's God? Revelations Today' - Cover Choices

Signs and Coincidences from God

'GOD Today' Series Blog Posts Titles'List 2017-8


Mt Warning a Spiritual Invitation

‘God Today’ Series

God’s Revelations Today


Life’s Not Fair – Where’s God

Life’s Not Fair

God-given Gifts and Talents


Heaven – What’s it like?

Francis (Frank) John Foster 1926-2018 RIP

Every day truly is a bonus. Thank you God!

Going home… to God


Goondiwindi Cotton – Example in Excellence for Sustainable Irrigation

God sines on ANZAC Cenotaph

Israel Folau – Check the Science and Theology

Resurrection Sun Cross Images


Steve Smith’s Good Friday Experience

Good News – Catholic Church 2nd Largest Employer in Australia

The Eyes Have It!

Hopeless – Aboriginal Outback Towns? Solutions.

Free Will

Show engagement with God in prayer


‘Love life – don’t take it’. Revelation from God #3

‘Don’t be Greedy’ – Revelation from God #2

‘Be Truthful’ – God’s Revelation #1 to Bryan

Karen and I celebrated the 40th year of marriage on World Marriage Day


Australians Must Celebrate Their Teachers

Reflection on Australia Day starts with country

What is true love – really?

Response to thriller novel, ‘No Man’s Land’ by Roland Fishman

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