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Bryan and Karen Foster

Bryan's passion for life extends to the great outdoors and all things caravan/trailering and RVing.
Along with his wife Karen, they have driven over 30 000kms throughout Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA and Europe and many other places throughout the world.
Hundreds of YouTube videos (780+) have been professionally produced. (Still free at this stage)
They also produced a 12 Photobook series of the NT/FNQ- Outback of Australia + Mt Warning in northern NSW, Karen's original home district.
Bryan's interest has also been with caravan and camping article writing and a series of freelance journalist articles in 'Caravan and Motorhome on Tour' magazine.


by Bryan and Karen Foster

10 photobooks in the 'My Australia Photos' series. These highlight the spectacular features of the Northern Territory - Australia's wilderness begins here.

Uluru, Kakadu NP, Litchfield NP, Kings Canyon plus much more

The photobook series shows the raw, natural beauty of Australia, as seen through these spectacular, unaltered photographic images


2 photobooks of Mt Warning, NSW, Australia


2 photobooks in the 'GOD Today' Series - includes spectacular Book 4 images - 

Where's GOD? Revelations Today Photobook Companion: GOD Signs

From Amazon, Blurb and Apple:


by Bryan Foster

Over 780 YouTube videos.

For the caravan/trailer and RV enthusiasts a series of 30+ videos for 'How to caravan for beginners... Fozzie's Views'.
Plus hundreds of Australia travel videos - places to stay, things to see and do.

'GOD Today' Series is also a channel on YouTube as 'efozz1'.

Many supporting videos from God's Revelations to the author in 2016 and 2018.


by Bryan Foster

Over 40 articles by this 'Platinum Expert Author'.

Main themes covered: relationships: love, communication and marketing


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