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'Wisdom: GOD's Hints and Tips' (2021) by Bryan Foster

This next book, Book 7, in the 'GOD Today' Series, is due out within a week. With over 200 quotes from GOD through the author, whether being Revelations or Inspired Messages from GOD, all have been collected over a decade.

The 21 Revelations from GOD, were passed on to Bryan in May 2016 and Nov. 2018. Each was given by GOD to the author on two early mornings (approx. 3am). These Revelations are the inspiration and basic details needed to create this Series. This seventh book is loaded with divine messages and beliefs.

Somehow GOD passed these onto Bryan who was awoken and asked to write these down, while on the plains of Mt Warning in northern NSW, Australia. GOD stated each to Bryan in his psyche, while Bryan transcribed each into the written word.

This Series is something quite special. So much information from GOD has been sent on to the author over such an extended time, with the instructions to promulgate each message to today's people. And hence this Series of 9 books. Book 7 of 9 is now completed and will be released very shortly.

Bryan Foster believes, that, if possible, Book 4 should be read first or in conjunction with any of the 6 other books at this stage. This is a photobook with some very spectacular images from GOD caused by the sun shining through vegetation, particularly the rainforest at the base of Mt Warning, and other incredible sources, to get a most spectacular outcome. These many raw pictures, untouched except one due to lighting reasons, could take your breath away.

To get an idea of Book 4's impact, just check out the GOD Today Facebook page, where samples are given.

Hint: check for sun arrows and flares in most images, or sun rays from clouds, plus the huge Easter Cross formed in the sky at Texas on the Qld/NSW border, etc. This cross is the cover picture of Book 4.

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