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Spectacular Images from God to Bryan Foster, author

Many of these images are hard to believe. But each is legitimate and hasn't been adjusted / Photoshopped in any way. Many of these pictures are shown in my favourite book in the 'God Today' Series - Book 4 - Where's God? Revelations Today Photobook Companion: God's Images.

Most of these were received from God in 2018, when caravanning around Mt Warning / Wollumbin, NSW; North Stradbroke Island (Qld) and Texas on the NSW/Qld border. Strange but true - they weren't seen immediately on the camera, but only when uploaded to a laptop.

Bryan and Karen Foster, (Bryan's wife), were present when most were taken. It is believed that God sent these to challenge the reader and the author to the absolute Love God has for us all equally. These truly are incredible images. Some samples follow. Some images you'll will be looking for: sun arrows, sun rays, sun flares and a huge sun cross, a moonrise, and a double rainbow.

All images Copyright to Bryan W. Foster © 2018-2021


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