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Mt Warning/Wollumbin Closed! No No No

Mt Warning shocker! My sacred site, Wollumbin/Mt Warning, where God sent me a series of true spectacular selfie images (see attached two images) of a sun arrow, a sun flare from the sun shining through the rainforest at the Mt Warning carpark where walkers departed from. Particularly look for arrows, and bulbus flares in these two images.

Since the newspaper report this week whereby all non-first peoples (it appears) will be banned from climbing Wollumbin or even driving to the car park where the walkers commence their walk.

***UPDATE 11/11/2023***

The walk up the mountain to the top is still, and will stay closed for ever, due to the indigenous claim on its peak, I have been advised. However, its base at the car park, bbq tables and around to and over the Lyrebird track are open for all. This is a major development for me, as this is where my sacred site is!!! I very much appreciate this decision. Thank you. I wonder how much of my contact with the parks and wildlife had on this decision?

Yet the walkers are totally left out on climbing the mountain!!! Be aware that this is not a 100% indigenous decision. Quite an unknown number are against this decision and believe the mountain is for all people, no matter their race... Hopefully all involved will see the sense of this.

Any consultative actions were fraught from the beginning. I emailed the council two times and rang the recommended parks and wildlife department once over the past two years. Each time I felt fobbed off, with few, if not no one interested in assisting me, apart from advising me to ring someone else.

The department's original story was that rain had damaged the track to the summit and it would be closed for repairs. Mind you, something very normal about this, which occurs after most major storms hit the mountain as well. But it seems to have taken two+ years? This appears to be the perfect time to impact on the average person, who would visit there, to lose interest, and just become sick of the wait and go elsewhere. Except for Uluru, which surprisingly went through similar tactics.

Then it became a first-person issue, it being one of their sacred sites. I very much support the sacred site laws we enforce in Australia and have for decades. But??? What if a non-first Australian also genuinely saw this as their sacred site, too? And had experiences with God when there?

Could I as a non-first person, and others who believe similarly, be a part of this, because it is my sacred site too? Why on earth not? One reason offered seems to suggest that non-first people wouldn't be able to care for the mountain??? You're kidding!!!

Do the first nation people of the Wollumbin region really want to stop me from meeting with God in my sacred place? Why? It's over two years since my last meeting with God there. If this isn't correct and we will be allowed, why haven't people like me seen anything to help us in the press, media, etc?

I have some fascinating, genuine, and original images taken near the car park previously mentioned. These come directly from God, in what I now believe are messages for me to get God's Revelations and inspired messages for today, out into the worldwide community. One set of images shows a series of sun arrows travelling towards me in the foreground when taken as selfies, with the sun shining through the rainforest in the background. These arrows, flares and twinkling sun, weren't seen until uploaded to my laptop!

These impacted me so significantly that each one along with others likewise and different images became incredibly important to me.

I have also driven up Mt Warning Road a number of times these past couple of years, until stopped by the gates. Fines are threatened for those who go on...

Why my sacred site? The images inspired me so much that I wrote various books in my 10-book, 'God Today' Series, about the selfies' images taken by me at the foot of Wollumbin. Two photobooks (1 in the Series) highlighted the mountain, with Mt Warning the cover image both times.

Interestingly, 8 of the 10 books have been published and sold from 2016-2022. Books 9 and 10 will be out in December.

God sent me 21+1 Revelations over three periods in 1982, 2016 and 2018 - May 29, 2016 (15 Revelations) and November, 2018 (6 Revelations). Revelations occurred around 3am while I camped on the plains of Wollumbin/Mt Warning and at the Rainforest camping ground. 1982 (1 Revelation) in Brisbane, at a secondary school.

In these two images below please note: two straight, well-formed, sun arrows across my chest and book; the other sun arrow towards my head; a flare coming from the sun towards the arrows' directions, as if it fired the sun arrow; the twinkling sun at the rainforest carpark at the base of Wollumbin. #mtwarning #wollumbin2022 #bryanfoster #mtwarningclosed #sunarrows #sunflares #sunthroughrainforest #godtodayseries #mtwarningclosed #mtwarningnextuluru #uluru #sacredsitewollumbin #wollumbinsacredsite © Copyright 2007-22. Bryan W Foster and Great Developments Publishers

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