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'Love is the Meaning of Life: GOD's Love'

Book 6 in the 'GOD Today' Series is being released in the beginning of March 2021, next week. It is titled 'Love is the Meaning of Life: GOD's Love'. This series began in 2016 and will be completed in 2021/2. It is a nine book series of textbooks and photobooks (plus videos).

This is a unique and soul-searching, approach to Love, acknowledging GOD's necessary place in all forms of Love.

The book is written in such a way, as it is quite unique. Detailed points and depths of discussions, open up a number of conversations for the readers.

GOD dominates our most incredible experiences of Love, whether we are aware of this influence or not. GOD's involvement takes us to another level, which is so invigorating and often challenging, but also mostly rewarding.

Always be open to GOD's contact with you and accept and thank God for being a significant part of your experience of Love within this world. GOD Loves you so much, that you cannot actual know the depth of this. But you will experience this in life when open to God and God's people in this world.

Amazon has already downloaded the hardcover copy for sale shortly.

See for the Amazon release.


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