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'God Today' Series by Bryan Foster

Fortunately, there is 1 God for all religions, cultures, nations, etc. And has been so since the Big Bang was set off by God millions of years ago. I have personally experienced God in several ways. And to such a degree that I am now completing the composing of my eighth book out of nine on the topic of God. Couldn't have done this without God's absolute support and in fact directions along with detailed content!

You may be interested in Book 1, ' One God for All', (2016), or Book 5, 'Wisdom: God's Hints and Tips', (2021) or Book 6, 'Love is the Meaning of Life: God's Love', (2021), all by Bryan Foster.

If photo books are more of your interest, Book 4 is an absolute spectacular edition. God uses signs from the sun, moon, and Mt Warning in NSW. These include sun arrows, sun rays, sun flares, moonshine, and on its cover a giant Easter cross seen at Texas, NSW/Qld border.

God revealed 21+1 Revelations to me in 2016, 2018 and 1982. The recent ones were after God awoke me around 3 am on both occasions, while I was camping around Mt Warning, and directed me to write down what 'He' was about to share. All the above and so much more can be found in the 'God Today' Serie



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