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Book 8 of 10 out November 2021 'Love is the Meaning of Life' (2nd ed) by Bryan Foster, Author.

'Love is the Meaning of Life (2nd ed) (Author Articles), 2021' by Bryan Foster will be released shortly in November.

Love is approached from two major perspectives in this book:

* mostly from human and natural forms of Love, and

* with God's Absolute Love also considered.

Book 6 was the first edition of this book. Considerable linking with God's Love is taken throughout Book 6. 'Love is the Meaning of Life: God's Love (1st ed) (Author Articles), 2021 by Bryan Foster.

These in-depth but quite simple to read, consider and reflect on Love books, have a Major link to the 21 Revelations from God to Bryan in 1982, 2016 and 2018. The Series is written between 2016 and 2022 and published by Great Developments Publishers from the Gold Coast, Australia.

© Copyright 2016-2022 by Bryan W Foster


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