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Large sun cross in sky grows hugely near Texas

Copyright 2017-2020 Bryan W Foster - Huge sun cross 2

Copyright 2017-2020 Bryan W Foster - Huge sun cross

Huge sun cross formed near Texas on the border of Qld and NSW. It was only observed when uploaded to the laptop later that afternoon?

Top image shows part of the 'growth' of the cross. The vertical section is only about halfway down to the ground. Note the horizontal wing cross from the sun and the vertical part of the cross being separated at the sun's position.

Second image shows the completed, Easter Cross, exactly one week after Easter Sunday.

The first image is just an everyday sun doing nothing in particular, except providing brilliant light, warmth and beauty.

This whole sun cross creation event was so unreal that it felt unreal... except there was spectacular photographic evidence.

Book 4 of this 'GOD Today' Series has many pages of these incredible images starting from the sun, yet in different parts of the country, and with different results eg sun flares, sun rays and sun arrows, etc. -

Book 4 - 'Where's God? Revelations Today Photobook Companion: GOD Signs'.

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