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Amazon has all the books by Bryan Foster

Bryan Foster on Amazon

Amazon displays the book's I have listed with them over the years very well. If you would like to explore these 21 books created and published over the past 12 years, please go to:

All Bryan Foster's books on sale at this stage are on Amazon. Most of Bryan's books come as paperback, hardcover and ebooks. The latest 'GOD Today' Series paperbacks, Book 1, 3, 5, also have Large Print versions.

The three topics covered are:

'GOD Today' Series (5 books out now. Next book by year's end)

School and Church marketing in the digital age (5 books out now. Next book 2020/1)

780+ FREE Videos (It is a free list at this stage): How to caravan for beginners; places to stay and things to see and do (mostly in Australia); and 'GOD Today' Videos. YouTube user name is 'efozz1'.

Other webpages by Bryan which include substantial content about the books and videos can be found at:

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