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God's Incarnations are *Mahomad and Jesus

God became man twice that we know of now. Since the 'GOD Today' Series started to be published in 2016, we have learned this special Revelation - Jesus and Mahomad are the Incarnate God.

“This 'GOD Today' Series is based on the twenty-one Revelations received from God. There are also other key themes explored, which help the reader gain full confidence in the Truth and accuracy of all that is presented in this Book 5.”

His first books in the 'GOD Today' Series were ' One God for All' published in 2016 and its companion, 'Mt Warning God's Revelations: Photobook Companion to' published in 2017.

"This first book's theme was that there is only one God, for all people, forever."

This latest Book 5 concludes the exploration of the 'GOD Today' Series’ twenty-one Revelations.

"The previous book in this series, the Book 4 edition, includes some very unique and different images of sun arrows and flares across me, while being at the foot of Mt Warning and other sites; a large Easter sun cross in the sky outside Texas on the NSW/Qld border (See attached image) and sun rays shooting outwards from a small cloud sitting atop Mt Warning. A double rainbow also appears to end at my caravan/trailer, on North Stradbroke Island."

The fifteen 2016 Revelations were received by Bryan while in a caravan when he was awoken, one cold, winter's morning, while caravan camping at the foot of Mt Warning in the Murwillumbah Showgrounds.

Bryan and Karen were married in the Sacred Heart Catholic Church next to the showgrounds. The next six Revelations were similarly received but while at the base of Mt Warning in the local caravan park.

More information about the series, the books and other publications and a bio of Bryan Foster can be found on the following websites:

The book has just become available from all good internet bookstores worldwide this week.

© 2020 Copyright by Bryan W Foster

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