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'GOD Today' Series - Book 5

This latest book covers Revelation #15, 'Jesus and *Mahomad are God' in detail, along with the yet to be explained final six Revelations of the 21 Revelations received by Bryan in 2016.

"It explains why I believe these to be the Truth, including how the signs and coincidences from God have inspired me to write this Series. The book aims to assist the reader with their search for God and meaning in their lives."

Three more books will be released over the next year or so as part of the series. More details will be available on the website.

More information about the series, the books and o

ther publications and a bio of Bryan Foster can be found on the following websites:

(* Mahomad spelt this way in the Revelations from God.)

The book has just become available from all good internet bookstores worldwide.

Image and text Copyright 2020 Bryan W Foster

© 2020 Copyright by Bryan W Foster

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