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Jesus and Mahomad are GOD

© 2020 Copyright by Bryan W Foster

Jesus and Mahomad are GOD. God revealed to the author that now it is time to share this Revelation worldwide. It was initially revealed to the author, in 2016, while caravanning on the plains of Mt Warning in Murwillumbah, Australia. This is the fifth book published in the ‘GOD Today’ Series. It highlights 21 Revelations from God.

Essential Revelations covered in this Book 5 are: 1. Jesus and Mahomad are the Incarnations of God/Allah – Revelation #15. 2. God revealed other Truths through 21 Revelations received by the author in May, 2016 and November, 2018. 3. The possibility of the author being a prophet, as written during 2016 Revelations. The ‘Tears from God’ occurring, along with God’s signs through photographic images, including sun’s rays, flares, double rainbows, etc. help the reader’s faith stance believe in the author and the Revelations. These images are explored in detail in Book 3 and Photobook 4. The various Revelations not explained in the first four books are presented now.

God needs the religious leaders, scriptural scholars, theologians, etc., from both Islam and Christianity to explain these Revelations as each applies to their religion. Other religions should be invited to become an integral part of God’s place in today’s world. It would be by helping with the theology of the Revelations, especially the One God only, the same God, for all time, etc.

© 2020 Copyright by Bryan W Foster

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