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God’s Choice

Is it time to stop claiming we know what God wants for us? It’s so easy to both thank God as well as being upset with God’s choices for us. The famous sayings, “The mystery of God/God is a mystery,” or “Faith is necessary for our search for God,” are so true!

So many of us have to stop categorising God with our expectations. It will never be a case of my way beats God’s way! Or I know more about my needs than God. God rules we don’t.

Just because I believe something is right, or best for my circumstances, doesn’t necessarily make it right or best for me in God’s eyes.

We need to be open to what God wants for us. To be attentive for what is best for us. To go along with God’s choices. How open am I? Do I pray for what is best for me? And those I love? And those in need?

Do I put God’s choices above my feelings, thoughts and beliefs?

God is absolute love! God knows what is absolutely the best for me! I need to be open and ready for God’s choices for me!

© 2019 Copyright by Bryan W Foster

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God's Choice © 2019 Bryan W Foster

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