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‘GOD Today’ Series by Bryan Foster is Progressing Well.

Latest two books by Bryan Foster. Published 2018.

Four of the seven books have been published from 2016-2018. The next two are close to release dates. Key websites are noted below.

The first four books (including two unique photobooks) have been released these past three years. The final two textbooks are being completed now. These two will be released in 1 to 3 months if everything goes according to plan.

The first of these two to be published is ‘Love is the Meaning of Life: God’s Love’.

Following this is the most controversial of all seven. It is based on the 15th Revelation given by God in May 2016. It's title is yet to be decided. Hopefully this will be published very early in 2020.

This will leave the Love photobook, Book #6, to be published in 2020/1 sometime.

The books are available from all good online bookstores. (However, the first photobook, i.e. Book 2, is only available from Blurb though.)

To see all 20 books published by Bryan and Karen and available for sale see Bryan’s Amazon’s Author page at

and also Bryan’s author website at

You may also enjoy Bryan’s books' series website at:

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