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Unique sun arrows and sun flares - Mt Warning Rainforest

After considerable contemplation, we realised that God was making a strong point for both Karen and me.The five most recent collections of sun images, which occurred last year, are quite spectacular. Each took us by surprise initially.

Rainforest Canopy Sun and Arrows

The first set of images had arrows exploding from the sun, as seen through a rainforest canopy with all its colourful, bright rays and twinkling appearance. The arrows appeared to explode from the sun and then travel towards me. Each shot had the arrow getting closer until the last one had the arrows becoming one with my head. Extraordinarily though, the photographic images occurred in reverse order. The arrows in image order seem to be going back to the sun.

There will be those who argue that these are just some form of natural reflective or refractive light patterns developed from either the natural surroundings or the camera lenses itself. And this is most likely the case. However, what made these appear is the divine question? God often works through nature and people. It is quite possibly God’s way of getting the messages across of God’s support and challenges for the recipients. In other words, this is God’s way of doing this supernatural act, naturally.

Some images taken from PHOTOBOOK 'Where's God Revelations Today... GOD Signs' by Bryan Foster.

Text and Images © Copyright 2018 Bryan W Foster

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