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GOD'S Confronting sun arrows, rays and a double rainbow...

SHOUT OUT - key SUN ARROW IMAGES + more (See attached images - all have confronting arrows, rays and double rainbows, etc)

I now fully accept that the images and symbols contained in this photobook (see attached images as examples) are all signs from God, encouraging and supporting us into sharing God's Revelations, inspired messages and experiences sent by God.

Hopefully, these stories and images will help you on your journey to God, seeking the Truth and needing God in your life, right up to the ultimate salvation with God after your life here on Earth.

The images you are about to view have challenged both my wife, Karen, and myself. You don't expect to see these types of photos just appear, and on numerous occasions...

This year the physical experiences of the sun rays, solar flares, sun arrows, sun crosses and double rainbows shared in this photobook, once again highlight God's heavy involvement.

Images taken from PHOTOBOOK 'Where's God Revelations Today... GOD Signs' by Bryan Foster.

Text and Images © Copyright 2018/2019 Bryan W Foster

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