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God Loves You - Absolutely

God loves you!

God loves beyond anything you could imagine!!!


No matter:

© Copyright 2019 Bryan W Foster

who you are

what is your religion

what is your culture

what is your status in life

what is your wealth

where you live

who you live with

what you do for work

what you do in life

how you decide

how you do things

why you do things

who you mix with

why you mix with them

what is your past

what is your present

what is your future

what you have done wrong

whatever, whoever, wherever, why ever,

whenever… God loves you!

How good is that to hear!? Couldn’t we listen to that over and over!? Why? Because it’s true!!! It’s inspiring! It’s divine!

God loves us no matter what we do. God won’t always agree with our choices. But these are our choices, and we have to live with these.

Each of us is responsible for our actions...

Taken from 'Love is the Meaning of Life: GOD'S Love' - Draft, (Released later 2019) p136-137.

Text and Image © Copyright 2019 Bryan W Foster

Image is Mt Warning in distance and LOVE sign at Mavis's Kitchen, Mt Warning Road, NSW.

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