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Old-Age and God

As people get closer to going home to God, there is a final developmental stage, as they become as close to God as possible before death. This is also the time when these people clear the decks of their negative, sinned record through forgiveness and turn to God for major assistance in growing back towards God before their deaths.

It is often so difficult to ascertain where certain older folk in their progress towards God?

However, we know from God that all people are welcomed home to Heaven if they truly want to and have been forgiven of their sins. Every set of scriptures for each genuine religion point to the equal LOVE God has for all people, no matter their beliefs or state they are currently living through. The divine desire is to get everyone to be with God in Heaven after they have died.

This whole stage of life is refocussed on closure with the world and moving onto that next stage. The ultimate stage is of God and God’s people once again becoming one with God in Heaven. This closeness with God is something God wants. This is the whole purpose of life, to be one with God once again.

The younger we are the more difficult it is to understand and appreciate this end of life stage. And conversely, the older we get. We once again become more childlike and look forward to our eternity, and strive to become close to God so that at our death we will hopefully chose to be with God.

Text and image © Copyright 2019 Bryan W Foster

From 'Love is the Meaning of Life: GOD'S Life' by Bryan and released later this year.

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