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‘GOD Today’ Series - God’s Given-Timeline & Themes

Main Beach sunrise ©Copyright Bryan W Foster 2019 One God for All (2016)

One God Only for Eternity and All Faiths

Helping to Discover God through 26 experiences of the author

God’s inspired messages for Today’s world.

Mt Warning God’s Revelations: Photobook Companion to ‘’ (2017)

72km Journey repeated over three years around the base of Mt Warning

Photos and Videos of this journey helping to bring Revelation Day (28 May, 2016) as real to many

Photographic and written story.

Where’s God? Revelations Today (Oct, 2018)

12 Revelations + 6 inspired messages from God to the author

Helping to understand God through more inspired messages

Introduction to GOD’s Signs and coincidences through the explanations of specific photographic images taken by the author

Two Reformations needed – Islamic and Secular worlds.

Where’s God? Revelations Today Photobook Companion: GOD Signs (Nov, 2018)

Introduction to genuine and spectacular GOD Signs through specific photographic images created through the sun taken by the author – sun arrows, flares, rays and rainbows. Plus written details.

Authentic coincidences from God for us to grow closer to God

Some special sunrises and sunsets.

GOD Today Video Series (Nov, 2018)

Found on the ‘GOD Today’ Series Website at

Recorded mainly at the foot and around the base of Mt Warning

Twenty plus videos (free)

Love is the Meaning of Life (July, 2019 – still being considered for publication?)

Explaining how and why of the title

Primarily for the secular reader

With a sprinkling of key God messages about Love.

Love is the Meaning of Life: God’s Love (2019)

Explaining how and why of the title

The prominence of God whenever true Love is considered

Some new Revelations (Nov, 2018) + other inspired messages from God + some words of new wisdom to help with our personal and communal, spiritual development.

Image from Main Beach Sunrise

Text and Images - Copyright © 2019 Bryan Foster

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