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Wellness and God

God wants everyone to be as Well as humanly possible, within the circumstances of our own lives. We all need to be on the lookout for whatever it is God needs from us individually and communally. We need a wellness approach involving God.

This whole rapidly developing lifestyle movement seems to be taking over much of the world! So it must be good? Right? From my understanding of what they are teaching and believing, one key point seems missing in general – GOD.

Spirituality and Wellness (incl Buddhism)

Yes, the spirituality angle rates a mention at times, and this is a good thing. It seems to include mostly meditation and yoga, though. From a godly viewpoint, this is more Buddhist than of the monotheistic religions and the ONE GOD. Most Buddhists don’t believe in God. Their main aim is to reach Nirvana and be one spiritually with those others who made it through. Rebirth continues for them until Nirvana is reached. Gathering by the number of Buddhist statues and figurines you see around these days, this philosophy of life is in a growing stage, as well.

God and Wellness

Without God being an integral aspect to everything we do, we cannot be fulfilled with the true love of God. We can only go so far, without wellness progression without God.

The wellness movement must continually and regularly seek out God! Must fully involve God! Must become one with God. Otherwise, we can’t be seriously considered as being fully in the true wellness state. An existence more and more people are trying to reach.

How to do Wellness

I would actually argue that we should start with God initially, develop our relationship with God - particularly through prayer and a loving lifestyle. Once this is occurring, preferably to a rather deep level, but at least well along the way, we can then start to add the other wellness components and gain a far better outcome than without God’s involvement.

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