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Do you believe in angels?

Aura pic Copyright © Bryan Foster for Great Developments Publishers, 2019.

ABBA struck a very interesting chord with the song; 'I Have a Dream' - to state continually through the lyrics that ‘I believe in angels’.

Being someone who consistently doubted this reality during my adult years, I changed my appreciation in the last few months. I have discerned for me that angels are true. What do you believe?

Reasons for this were that some coincidental signs shone through during this period. There was ABBA’s song which repeated on me several times during a night of sleep. Another was Greg Sheridan’s (The Australian newspaper) God is Good for You book published late last year. Greg shared his belief in angels, especially in the context of the massive gap between God and humanity if there weren’t any angels. While a third example is someone I am very close to, whom I believe is an angel, or at least has the characteristics which I believe an angel would have - very spiritual, very loving, wanting the very best for all people and offering exceptional advice. Do you know any angels? Or angel-like people?

Another unrelated experience seemed to point towards this angel belief. An aura reading while at Crystal Castle in the hinterland outside Byron Bay was something quite different. There was an enveloping of light which seemed to point towards something very special – could this be my unique angel? I realise much of this may be far beyond reality, but I feel encouraged to share it.

Having such a massive change in belief is quite confronting. Yet, I believe now in the existence of angels - now coming the full circle from my innocent young childhood belief in angels to a strong adult belief today, many decades later.

Text and Image - Copyright © Bryan Foster for Great Developments Publishers, 2019.

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