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The Journey to the Unpublished Revelation #15

Amity Point Stradbroke Is sun © Copyright 2019 Bryan W Foster

It has been quite a journey to get to this point. It began in 1982 when receiving the Tears from God and physical warmth flowing from head to foot received as part of the gift of healing from Sister Ann at a secondary school’s Commitment Day. Over the interim period from 1982 until now so much has been discerned as being God’s inspired messages. This discernment process is explained in future posts.

After receiving God’s Revelation in 2016, explained in various ways and sections throughout the ‘God Today’ Series books, the initial reaction was one of doubt - even though there were many Tears from God on many occasions privately and with my wife, Karen, to show its authenticity and genuineness.

When it came to the crunch to decide what would be highlighted in the first book in this ‘GOD Today’ Series, One God for All, I wasn’t able to run with all the Revelations. I was only able to highlight the ‘One God Only – One God’ Revelation and some subsequent, discerned, inspired messages from God and stories of experiencing God throughout my life. A real doubting Thomas scenario occurred.

In hindsight, I now believe this was all part of God’s plan. God initially wanted me to highlight the One God Only Revelation, along with the messages and stories contained in that edition.

The approach used for the first book in this ‘GOD Today’ Series opened up the opportunities for me to grow into the other Revelations this past couple of years and to discern a better appreciation of each. To also gain the courage to be able to go out into the world and state these with authority. It wasn’t to be just a matter of listing these but to believe strongly in each one and to explain each one in detail. God wanted these Revelations to become part of the world’s meaningful and fully understood lexicon.

We all need to appreciate these Revelations and what these mean so that we can each make the Revelations an integral part of our lives.

This seventh book, Two Great Prophets Today (working title), is the culmination of the planned seven-book, ‘God Today’ Series.

Special emphasis is on the major Revelation #15 (see Appendix 2 of 'The Two Great Prophets Today' to be published 2020/1), which was the last one received in 2016.

It is predicted that this Revelation will be quite controversial for many people - basically in its juxtaposition of a basic belief of the two largest religions of Christianity and Islam.

Copyright text and image © Bryan Foster, 2019

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