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God’s 15 Revelations Received 3 yrs ago this week!

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Received God’s 15 Revelations 3 yrs ago this week! Celebrations!

I received the first 15 Revelations from God on 28 May 2016 after being awoken around 3 am while camping at the Murwillumbah Showgrounds on a cold winters night. (The next six were received in November, 2018.)

The Revelations comprised a simple and obvious set, plus a complex and challenging set. There are obvious ones many people ignore or forget about. As well as more complex ones, which may be new for some but often quite challenging for most.

#15 will be released in 2020/1 at this stage, in accordance with God’s timeline for releases. This one is the most challenging!

  1. Be truthful

  2. Don’t be Greedy

  3. Love life – don’t take it

  4. Respect all

  5. Love one another as I have loved you

  6. Die for what is right

  7. Be educated for what is right & truthful

  8. Education is paramount for all

  9. We are one -

  10. One God only One God

  11. God’s messages to a world in need

  12. This world is in enormous need

  13. Cyberbullying – in all its forms, of all sorts, of all ages

  14. Fear rules – often from the cyber world - eliminate this

  15. 2020/2021 – release date

These Revelations are explained in detail in ‘Where’s God? Revelations Today’ (Oct, 2018)

#10 is explained in the above book plus ‘ One God for All.’ (Nov, 2016)

As the recipient and promulgator of these Revelations, I find Revelations 6 and 15 as the most challenging.

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